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Waterfalls, waterfalls, lots of pure water, mountain, nature, primitive nature.

Delfinópolis has 160 waterfalls, located between the dam of Peixoto and the mountains, on one side water and on the other mountain. It is the south side of the Serra da Canastra National Park and part of it is within that municipality. For those coming from São Paulo you can reach the Park via Delfinópolis, entering it through the Sacramento ordinance. The Delfinópolis region is very rich in mountains and mountains, in addition to Serra da Canastra and Serra Preta many others such as: Gurita, Cemitério, Sete Voltas and Babilônia.
But one of the most beautiful walks is at Cachoeira do Paraíso which is part of the set of 8 waterfalls with natural pools and cave inside Cachoeira Paraíso at 820m altitude with 896 ha at the foot of Serra Preta, close to the city with easy access and well signposted .
It has a restaurant and inn.
The place is very well looked after and with great ecological concerns.
People who visit the region are delighted.

Daniel Nunes Golçalves in Terra Magazine states:
... "Delfinópolis (...) have waterfalls for a year of leisure".

The consultant Ricardo Orange is an admirer of the city and says:
"A paradise 180 km from Ribeirão Preto".