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Ferry boat

Delfinopolis is located 510 km from Sao Paulo, taking highways Bandeirantes / Anhanguera / Candido Portinari until Franca. Continue to the right, taking Ronan Rocha highway in th direction of Patrocinio Paulista / Itirapua / Capetinga until Cassia. Drive through the city, following signs to Delfinopolis and continue on until the Peixoto dam.

Tale the fery boat across the dam and continue for 7 more km until the town of Delfinopolis. From there, follow double roads and a divided highway.

Ribeirao Preto is 180 km and directions can be followed from above, starting from Candido Portinari. The 1,800 meter trip across the dam on the ferry is safe and relaxing with crystal blue water turning golden with reflections og the light in front of the Black mountain range.

State of Minas Gerais
State of Minas Gerais
State of Minas Gerais